Critical Conversations - Originally Posted December 15, 2015

We are hosting a series of lunchtime conversations about human security research, policy, law, and advocacy held monthly during the spring of 2016.

Critical Conversations will be organized around emerging and important areas of interest although our conversation topics may range within any given topic to include concerns with indigenous digital rights, quantified self, community-based tech development, the “Internet of Things” and the “Internet of Bodies,” biosensing technology and security design, medicine and tech equity, and more.

Planned HS Collab Critical Conversations Topics:

  • Feb 1 (Un)Corporeal Technologies: how data, algorithms and interfaces rub up against the body
  • Feb 22 Who Has the Rights?: data ownership, invisible labor, and agency
  • March 21 Healthy Data: health, data and healthy practices in the age of the quantified-self
  • April 18 Algorithmic Bias: subjectivity and implicit biases in algorithm and tech design

As part of our planning we considered separate sessions on “performing with/through data” and “caring for people/caring for data” – rather than keep those as one-off sessions, we’ve opted to weave the thematics of performance and care throughout the series.

Please contact Jacqueline Wernimont at for more information.